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3 strategies to make sure you keep overview on all your project actions

3 strategies to keep control on project actions
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When you’re managing multiple projects, your to-do list can be overwhelming long. To make sure you don’t overlook an important action point, I have 3 strategies to make sure you keep overview on all your project actions.

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Strategy One: keep one Excel Action list per project.

Don’t try to maintain multiple different lists for the same project. You’ll lose overview if you note down some action points in your paper journal, other actions on a post-it note and again other actions in a digital file.

You’ll spend too much time maintaining these lists, it’s a waste of your valuable time.

Strategy Two: prioritise your action points.

When you’ve got a long list of project activities, it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed. When you indicate the priority level per project activity or action point, you can filter in Excel on High, Medium or Low priority actions. You’ll see in one glance what needs your attention first.

Strategy 3: Add a deadline and a responsible person for every action point.

Adding deadlines and responsible persons for all your project action points will be helpful for you and your team members to plan these actions into the daily activities. It facilitates project action points to be delivered in time. 

Extra Tips:

Extra tip 1: By also adding a ‘comment’ column in your Excel file you can add information why an action point was not ready in time. This will help you take corrective action when needed and you have a possibility to check history of facts. Simply because you can’t remember everything!

Extra tip 2: Closing your workday by setting your priorities for the next day, helps you be productive. When you start the next day with the most important tasks, not with the easiest and quickest ones, you’ll achieve more, and your projects will progress faster.

Hope these strategies to make sure you keep overview on all your project actions, are helpful to you!

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