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Providing you with practical tips to turn your great ideas into profitable products, up-level your product & project management skills to build a successful business, and allows you to do what you’re most passionate about, create product lines that excite your customers. 

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Bureau Flo

WELCOME TO bureau flo's PODCAST!

The Go-To Podcast for Project & Product Managers Looking to Level Up their Game 

In each episode you’ll get tips for practical templates, step-by-step action plans, and mitigation tactics to overcome the hiccups you encounter when managing the development of new products. You can apply what you learn immediately in your daily business.


You want to become great in successfully managing the specification, development, manufacturing and launch of new products.

You are ready up-level your product management skills.

You want to take your growing business to the next level and professionalize your new product development process

Tune into the From Product Idea to a Thriving Business Podcast and I’ll teach you how to accomplish your product & project management goals.

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3 Ways to Boost Your Project Management skills

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your to-do-list and tired of chasing your project team members to deliver what they promised?
Do you feel your projects are running behind schedule all the time and you've no control what so ever?
Or are you ready for a career change into project management and just need a little bit more courage and know-how?

Learn how to manage your new product development projects, your project team and your own calendar.

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I teach project & product managers effective action steps for professionalizing their project management skills to bring efficiency and speed in new product development processes to create stellar products. 

Because I want to help you become great in successfully managing the specification, development, manufacturing and launch of new products, I have launched this podcast focussed at improving your project management skills to help you bring value to your business. 

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My expertise is teaching project & project managers effective action steps to streamline their daily project management activities to create structure and overview when creating new products.

I’ve more than 20 years of experience in the corporate world, managing multi-disciplinary project teams in international product development projects: from idea generation to mass production and product introduction. 
I‘ve in-depth knowledge on new product development processes, new product definition and introduction and worked as international product manager and project manager for various multinationals. 

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