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welcome to the

From Product Idea to a Thriving Business Podcast

Your go to podcast for product-based business owners and entrepreneurs

Hands-on Tips, Strategies and Action plans.

In each episode you’ll get tips for practical templates, step-by-step action plans, and mitigation tactics to overcome the hiccups you encounter when managing the development of new products. You can apply what you learn immediately in your daily business.


Need more structure in managing the specification, development, manufacturing and launch of new products.

Want to feel confident in your project management skills so you can manage the development of your new product idea successfully.

You want to take your growing business to the next level, grow your team and professionalize your processes in creating new products.

Tune into the From Product Idea to a Thriving Business Podcast and I’ll teach you how to accomplish your project management goals.

you're in the right place.

I teach business owners and entrepreneurs effective action steps for professionalizing their product development activities and project management skills to bring efficiency and speed in new product development processes to create stellar products. 

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As project manager myself, I know developing new products can be overwhelming. There are many actions to take to go from product idea to launch.        

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that's why i'm here to give you actionable steps to bring structure and efficiency when you develop your products.

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