I teach business owners, project & product managers effective action steps and frameworks to define, manage and develop amazing products. 

and streamline their daily product & project management activities to create structure and overview.

Hey There, 

I'm Marie-Louise Anthonissen

Where did I gain this knowledge?

When I started more than 20 years ago as international product & project manager for a big consumer manufacturing company, I was overwhelmed with all the activities I was responsible for. I had to interact with many disciplines and deliver output at so many moments in the product development process, it was impossible to keep overview and track without some help.

Luckily that company introduced a product development process....

Since then, I worked as international product manager and project manager for various big brands and have become very experienced in managing the development of new products while ensuring efficiency, speed and professionalism. I‘ve in-depth knowledge on new product development processes, new product definition and introduction. 

Then I hit this really Pivotal moment where i wanted to help business owners, project & product managers in more ways.

My family was growing and I wanted more freedom in how I divided my time between work and my personal life.
After my corporate career, I established Bureau Flo in 2011 to provide freelance product & project management support to product-based businesses.

Now I divide my time in helping project & product managers via my online courses, supporting multinational companies as consultant  in international, multidisciplinary development projects and my family.

I'm proud that I can contribute to smooth and efficient product development process for my clients while my family gets to see a lot of me too.

I want to help you create great products and become more efficient in your daily activities.

When you're in need of developing your new products without unnecessary hiccups and stress,  introducing structured processes in your new product development is key if you want to manage your projects smarter.

And i've got the thing you need

I have created online programs focussed at streamlining your new product development process and daily product & project management skills to create structure and overview when creating new products.

Eliminating hurdles when transforming your new ideas into prototypes and finally into mass production products.

These online courses will empower you to bring speed, control and clarity when creating new products and managing your projects.

My online Courses

The thing i'm so proud of

3 Ways to Boost Your Project Management skills

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your to-do-list and tired of chasing your project team members to deliver what they promised?
Do you feel your projects are running behind schedule all the time and you've no control what so ever?
Or do you just need a little bit more courage and know-how?

Learn how to manage your projects, your project team and your own calendar.

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Straight talk,
efficient systems,
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helping you 
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process overkill,
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the word "can't",
not taking decisions.

the daily life

"I HAVE A DEEPLY DESIRE to travel and experience something beyond the daily life."

— marie-louise anthonissen


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A little bit about myself

Super organised in my professional and personal life, systems are my thing! Makes my family nuts sometimes! In my business, they work great though.

all about

My hunting dog Tess needs lots of exercise and takes me for long walks in the morning, waking up slowly with the singing of the birds or a business podcast.


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Eliminating hurdles when transforming your new ideas from specifications into prototypes and finally into mass production products. Following an efficient framework, handy templates and tools to create new products and manage new product development projects like a pro.


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