Coming up with new product ideas, defining the specifications, being creative on product and packaging design lights me up.

I'm all about structure and processes, so also managing these new product developments comes very natural to me and I love efficiency and progress.

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I believe that outstanding Product & Project Management and optimized product development processes are vital to business success. 


I want you to feel the same. And I want you to be up on your game in developing and managing new product creation as well.

So I got to work, created practical and hands-on courses, built on my proven frameworks, that I know work — filled with templates that you can use immediately in your daily activities.

And now these courses are available for you too.

From Product Idea to a Thriving Business

For Business owners and corporates who want to take their product-based business to the next level. Who want to professionalize and bring efficiency and structure in their new product development process.

It teaches you in 12 weeks how to define and implement a product development process and framework, from idea generation through, specification, development, manufacturing and launch.

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For Business Owners & Corporates

take your product-based business to the next level

The Project Management Starter Lab

For Project Managers who want to successfully manage new product development projects. From idea generation through specification, development, manufacturing and launch.

It teaches you in just 3 weeks how to manage your new projects without unnecessary hiccups.

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Project Managers

manage new product development projects
like a pro

The Product
Management Lab

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For Product Managers

For Product managers  who want to create amazing new products. From idea generation through specification, development, manufacturing and launch.

It teaches you in just 7 weeks how to get your product idea defined, developed and introduced to your customers.

create exciting
new products

i can help because i've been there

I know how to help!

Twenty years of product & project management experience in complex projects later...

I've developed a proven framework, for product & project managers in product-based businesses, to implement an efficient product development process. 

It includes handy templates and tools and will bring speed and cost reduction in your product development process. It'll support you to be efficient and effective in your daily product & project management activities.


derk-jan, regular client

"Collaborating with Marie-Louise ensures that you are doing your utmost."

"This is because of her mindful way of listening and asking questions. This bypasses the pitfall of technology and puts focus on the customers needs.”

marijke, regular client

"Marie-Louise, speaks and writes in various languages" 

"Project management, marketing, sales, design, programming, design, content and never forgets to put the needs of our customers first. I would like to express my sincere thanks to her for the first-rate jobs she did.“

This could be you....

elisabeth, former client

"Marie-Louise is a great team player, with a proven track record in marketing." 

"She is passionate about making the consumer’s and customer’s voice heard throughout the organisation she works in and translates these consumer/customer insights into winning product propositions."

3 Ways to Boost Your Project Management skills

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your to-do-list and tired of chasing your project team members to deliver what they promised?
Do you feel your projects are running behind schedule all the time and you've no control what so ever?
Or do you just need a little bit more courage and know-how?

Learn how to manage your projects, your project team and your own calendar.

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