To support you in developing new products efficient and without unnecessary hiccups I've created a few resources to get you started. With more than 20 years of experience in project management I know what works and what doesn't.

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if you're looking to work more efficient as project manager in new product development...
It's essential to make use of standard templates when creating your project documentation.

You can use these templates to manage your projects from product idea, through specification, development, manufacturing and launch. 

Every month you'll learn a new project management template.
Think about a project budget and cost calculator, a project business plan, a project planning, resource planner.

After each training I'll send you the Done-For-You Project Template by email as a gift.

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This will save you and your team members time and energy creating new documents and getting used to new templates all the time.

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Clarity and overview in your project status and progress

Standard templates enable faster action taking.

More insight and control over your project deliverables

Quick learning curve for new team members on your projects

Professional project management templates that enable you to work efficient and get more out of your day

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Project Action list

Project business plan

3 essential project management skills

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Nothing more frustrating than not having the knowledge in house to start with the development of that amazing new product idea.
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