I'm your Go-To Project Management Agency for Product-based Businesses.

And I’m the founder of Bureau Flo, I'm an interim project manager, consultant and educator.
Specialized in helping product-based businesses implement project management systems to manage the development of new products from idea through specification, development, manufacturing and launch in an efficient and structured way. 

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If you're looking to take your growing business to the next level, grow your team and professionalize your product processes, you're in the right place.  When you’ve got a project management strategy and system in place, your project  goals become a lot more attainable. 
It's time to stop struggling through every project phase, hoping to meet all project targets in time, and implement structure, overview and efficiency that works and makes your life as project manager and business owner easier. 

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Want to feel confident in your project management skills so you can manage the development of your new product idea successfully?

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how i can help you implement project management systems in your organisation

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Up-level your Project management Skills

Implement Structure & Systems

Extra help if you don't have Resources

Learn essential project management tools & templates to efficiently manage your projects and lead your team.

Learn how to implement a project management system in your growing business and deploy to your team.

Hire an interim-project manager to manage the projects you don't have the capacity for.

It's the way of working in project management that makes a big impact on your planning, project budget and your efficiency.

This Action list template will help you to create overview and stay on top of what needs to be done.

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From Product Idea to a Thriving Business  Podcast

Providing you with practical tips to manage your projects.
All the way from great ideas into profitable products your customers are thrilled about.

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Project Management skills optimization

Want to learn effective action steps and handy templates and tools, for streamlining daily project management activities? You're gonna need a project management strategy.

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Implement Structure & Systems

Moving from product idea, through definition, development, manufacturing and launch, can be complex and costly. Implementing a proven project management framework is the way to go for you to create efficiency.

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Nothing more frustrating than not having the resources in house to manage the development  of that amazing new product idea.
Are you looking for extra capacity to help you realise new products?

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Success Stories

““Marie-Louise speaks and writes in various languages: project management, marketing, sales, design, programming, content and never forgets to put the needs of our customers first

- marijke, regular client

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Easily manage multiple projects in one file.
See in one glance which project is behind schedule or over budget. 

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