For Physical Product-based Businesses wanting to Launch new Products and Scale their Business.

And I’m the founder of Bureau Flo, I've more than a decade of experience in product development and project management in large B2C and B2B companies.

Now I'm helping entrepreneurs and product-based businesses implement professional product development and project management systems to grow their product portfolio and scale their business.


Are you tired of the stress and hiccups that come with developing your own products? Do you dream of a professional product business and an efficient team?

If you're an ambitious entrepreneur, seeking to bring professional processes in expanding your product portfolio, you've come to the right place.

Here, I'm all about empowering you to create remarkable products while minimizing the struggles and headaches along the way.

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From Product Idea to a Thriving Business Podcast

Online program Project Management in new product development for Product-based Businesses

In each episode you’ll get tips for practical templates, step-by-step action plans, and mitigation tactics to overcome the hiccups you encounter when managing the development of new products.

For business owners, entrepreneurs and project managers who want to learn step-by-step what to do, which deliverables to create, and when to be ready for the next milestone. From product idea through development, manufacturing and launch.

Gone are the days of aimless wandering through each development phase, wasting resources without tangible returns.

Want to have a clear and efficient step-by-step process including all deliverables you need to manage the development of your own products from idea to launch?

Implementing proven project management & product development systems will not only make your life easier.......

But also enable you to easily build a productive and reliable team that shares your passion and helps you develop new products. 
No more worries about product development timelines, resource allocation, overlooking important deliverables, stakeholder management and cost overruns. 

Proactive planning, clear communication, and continuous improvement efforts help you with successful new products.

Hi, I'm Marie-Louise.



former client

“Collaborating with Marie-Louise ensures that you are doing your utmost.“

"This is because of her mindful way of listening and asking questions. This bypasses the pitfall of technology and puts focus on the needs of the customers first"

"Marie-Louise speaks and writes in various languages"


former client

Project management, marketing, sales, design, programming, content and never forgets to put the needs of our customers first.

"Marie-Louise is a good listener, has a pragmatic result-driven style and came with good insights"


former client

Contact with Marie-Louise has been pleasant from the start. She took the time to properly understand our needs and goal. She defined the quick scan approach in good collaboration. Scan included situation analysis, interviews with colleagues, conclusion, and advice how to proceed.
For us very useful to build further actions upon. I can recommend working together with Marie-Louise. 

"Marie-Louise is a great team player, with a proven track record in marketing"


former client

She's passionate about making the consumer's and customer's voice heard throughout the organisation she works in and translates these consumer/customer insights into winning product propositions.

"By following this course I keep an overview of the different phases in a project"


former student

The course is designed in such a way that the project structure and phases can be clearly followed, even for employees who have no experience in project management. The modules are well-arranged and can be easily stored so that they can always be used for a new project and as a reference work. The spreadsheets are clear and easy to use per project.

"It guides you through the entire project management process with a number of handy tools and templates"


former student

The course had a clear flow and structure. It is a real course for people like me who have no experience in managing large projects. A number of templates are clearly designed for a product development process. With a few very small adjustments, these forms can be used for other projects, such as a webshop/customer portal implementation in my case. This course helps you to shape your project well and is therefore definitely recommended.

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Nothing more frustrating than not having the knowledge in house to start with the development of that amazing new product idea.
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Customisable Planning in Excel for new product development

Done-for-you Planning from product idea generation, all the way through development, manufacturing and launch.
Adjust the dates & Create your own Project Planning with Ease.