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Ready to Take Your Product-based Business to the Next level?

I’m a consultant, coach and educator.

Helping product-based businesses create new products from idea through specification, development, manufacturing and launch in an efficient and structured way. 

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Hey there!

I've been there. As product manager, creating amazing new products. As project manager, managing international new product development projects. 

I’ve created Bureau Flo out of my own experience in international product development projects in consumer and business-to-business markets. 
Focussed on product development process improvement, project management and product management. The top three essentials in product-based businesses.


Hi! I'm Marie-Louise Anthonissen

Imagine developing new products being done smart, efficient and without unnecessary hiccups.

Finally. Imagine scaling your business, developing new product lines to create the business you want. 

Specifying, developing and manufacturing new products can be challenging. There are lots of moving parts in transforming your idea from specifications into a working prototype and finally into mass production, while still fulfilling all your customer’s requirements.

Streamlining your new product development process from idea generation into product specification, development, manufacturing and product launch, will help increase efficiency and speed to market of your new products.

You'll be able to create amazing products and manage the development of new products within budget and introduce on time with less hiccups and stress.

It's the way of working in creating new products that makes a big impact on your go-to-market timing, investment costs and personal energy level.

These 10 Hacks will help you to get a head start with your new product idea.


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From Product Idea to a Thriving Business  Podcast

Providing you with practical tips to turn your great ideas into profitable products, up-level your product & project management skills to create products your customers are thrilled about.


My Services

In my online courses, I teach you effective action steps, a proven framework and handy templates and tools, for streamlining your new product development process and daily product & project management activities to create structure and overview when creating new products.

As a consultant, I review your product development process and help you define and implement a structured and efficient approach.

As a coach, I help you and your team create structure, efficiency and clarity when creating new products.

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my signature offerings

Online courses  

The most hands-on and practical online programs to learn how to create amazing products efficiently from product idea, through definition, development, manufacturing and launch, following an efficient product development framework.

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So are you ready to develop more new products? And are you wishing you can do this faster and more professional?

Success Stories

““Marie-Louise speaks and writes in various languages: project management, marketing, sales, design, programming, content and never forgets to put the needs of our customers first

- marijke, regular client

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Ready to get the best out of your go-to-market timing, development costs and personal energy level
Let me teach you how to create new products efficient and smooth.

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Project Planner Guide

Easily plan your new product ideas for the year. Create a detailed weekly planning and note down your top 3 actions for the day.

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