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3 Strategies to Teach Your Team how to Work on Your Projects

3 Strategies to Teach Your Team how to Work on Your Projects
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Are you growing your business by developing multiple products and expanding your product range but you don’t know where to begin? I have for your 3 strategies to teach your team how to work with you.

They need to do exactly as you do

It can be a long process to educate new people in your team. Maybe you need to hire new team members to make sure that you go from product idea through definition, development, manufacturing, and launch in an efficient way. This can be a long process, to educate new people in your team.

And if you’ve always done everything by yourself, it can be difficult to get the team members you recruit to operate in a similar manner.

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Here are the 3 Strategies To Teach Your Team How You Want Them To Work In Your Product-Based Business

  1. Define your current way of working. If you’re satisfied with how you are working right now, you need to write that down to teach a new team member the steps you want them to take in your projects.
    • Define the steps you take and the templates you use to make the development of your product a success.
    • Write this process down in a PowerPoint, Word, Google Doc, or Excel sheet
  2. Combine your process with the process of the new team member.
    • You must hear from new team members how they used to work.
    • Ask them what went well, and what didn’t go well.
    • And then together you discuss what you like about their strategy and what not.
    • Agree together about the future way of working. So, then you combine your way of working with some improvements of your new team member.
    • Write this down on paper so you make sure that everyone understands what you expect from them.
  3. Define a specific product development and creation process for your company.
    • Think about and define a strategic way of how you want your products to be developed from idea to product launch.
    • This creation and product development process include process descriptions.
    • It includes procedures.
    • It includes a description of the roles and responsibilities in your company.
    • It also includes timelines, what needs to be finished when.
    • And it of course also needs tracking of progress. So, you can adjust, improve and move on.
    • Write down this process, so it’s clear to everyone how you want them to work on your new projects.

Advantages of a specific product development process

  1. Overview and clarity
  2. Efficient
  3. It’s more structured
  4. You will have more control

I have a lot of experience with strategy number three. And from experience, I can say that it really works, it will really benefit your company, it will be easier for you to onboard new people because you can make very clear to them what the way of working is and where they should start, which templates they should use to do their tasks.

You can clearly indicate when they need to finish their action points. So, all of your employees from project managers, marketing managers, communication managers, and logistics, operation, purchasing, everyone will know what to do, when the deadline is and how the process works.

What about external parties?

Of course, this will also involve external parties. You want them to understand your processes as well. And if everybody is accustomed to it, it will be very, very efficient.

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