5 Project Management Mistakes You Should
Not Make in
New Product  Development

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For project managers and entrepreneurs working on new products!

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You’ve project management experience but you're looking for strategies to avoid hiccups and project delays.

You're eager to start with a new product idea and you know you need get a head start with project management to make real progress.

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You’re new in project management and want to have a great start and be well prepared.

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Hi, I'm marie-louise Anthonissen

And I’m the founder of Bureau Flo, I've more than a decade of experience in project management in large B2C and B2B companies.

Now I'm helping project managers and entrepreneurs implement professional project management systems to manage their projects and scale their business.
And I want you to be up on your game as well!

whether you need to:

Understand more on the project process of getting from idea through development, manufacturing and launch

Get insight in the most important deliverables in new product development projects

Get clarity and confidence in how to manage your team

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5 Project Management Mistakes You Should
Not Make in New Product Development

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the training is 30 minutes long

I'll do Q&A afterwards

Basically the same amount of time as 1 team meeting. Tune in for a 30 minute video training with me.

After our class, we'll be doing a Q+A, so stick around so we can address your top of mind questions and tackle your biggest project struggles!

You’re tuning into this training in the comfort of your own home or office.

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