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How to Successfully Develop Your New Products in 2022?

How to Successfully Develop Your New Products in 2022?
I'm Marie-Louise!

In my 20 years of working as a product & project manager, I’ve got to know some great tools and gained valuable experience to efficiently develop products. I love to share my knowledge and these tools with you.

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When you’re starting or scaling your product-based businesses you’re facing many challenges in your business and your personal live. Keeping overview and track on activities happening in your business and in your personal life is a real challenge. But there are many ways you can successfully develop your new products in 2022 and keep a healthy work-life balance.

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And I’m so impressed when I listen to your stories on podcasts or read on social media about your motivation, strength and courage in continuing to follow your dream. You take decisions based on your gut, your intuition and you thrive because of this. This brings you profit, success and also struggles. Nevertheless you keep moving forward in a steady pace!

I love to support you in being a successful product- based entrepreneur. Combining all your passions and building a business you love.

Processes are key

Having some efficient processes in place will help you to work more efficient and be effective. And when you can avoid unnecessary hurdles on your way from new product idea to product launch, you’ll need to spend less money in correcting mistakes and can avoid delay in product introduction.

One area where implementing efficient processes can make a huge difference in your costs and planning is in your Product Development. You’ll have more money and time left to expand your product portfolio, up-level your customer service or invest in marketing.

Scale and Grow Your Business. How to Successfully Develop Your New Products in 2022?

It will allow you to scale and grow your business more easily. In addition, on-boarding of new employees, contractors and suppliers will go smooth as you have a process they can follow.

When implementing efficient processes in new product development, start with dividing your product development in different phases. Build structure in your new product development process from here. You’ll feel in control and confident because you have overview again of what needs to be done, when and by who.


Wanna learn more on practical processes you can implement today in your business to be more efficient in new product development and project management?

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