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How to Become Successful in Planning your Projects in a Physical Product-based Business

How to Become Successful in Planning your Projects in a Physical Product-based Business
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Are you looking to up-level your project management skills or maybe you’re thinking of changing careers into project management? I have a project planning tip for your on How to Become Successful in Planning your Projects in a physical Product-based Business.

Skills of great project managers

A project management role at any organization can be challenging. It requires several unique skills and traits. Like helicopter view, leadership, empathy, communication, team building, delegation, and integrity. But working as a project manager in a product-based business can be extra challenging. Especially planning all the tasks of team members, setting deadlines and sharing, reviewing and approving documents.

Challenges in physical product-based businesses

There are a lot of different disciplines involved in defining, developing, manufacturing, and launching physical products. And in addition, there are many factors involved in managing the creation of physical products. Like the availability of materials, the quality of packaging, transport through-put time of samples and final production units, and challenging product certification requirements.

This can be a lot to plan, check, and give follow-up on.

How to Become Successful in Planning your Projects in a Physical Product-based Business

One thing is for sure: If you choose a career in project management, expect to be learning … constantly. Every project, every team, every task is unique, every day is different.

But if you’re looking to up-level your project management skills, you’re in the right place.

Let’s dive in!

One of the first thing you need to do is Choosing a Software management system to plan and manage your projects on a daily basis.

No more yellow post-it notes with tasks, Word documents with a few actions or other snippets scattered all over your desk or on your computer. This takes up too much of your precious time looking for your action list, project deadlines and who needs to do what.

Using one project planning tool will provide structure, overview and create efficiency in running your projects.

Make sure you choose a software management system that fully supports you in planning and managing your new product development projects. There are many software tools out there. You just need to make sure to choose one that fits your needs, and you feel works like charm.

It’s best to try out a few options and decide which one is the winner.

A few nice ones are Asana, Trello, Monday, Airtable, Microsoft Projects. For simple, straightforward projects, a simple spreadsheet will do the work.


If you work in a business with more project managers, it works best if you all choose the same software tool. This makes it easier for your team members, colleagues, and other stakeholders to understand the process. It makes collaboration much easier if you all are familiar and work with the same tool.

These tools can help you plan your projects, assign tasks to team members, set deadlines to these tasks and share, review, and approve documents.

So here your have it, some insights on How to Become Successful in Planning your Projects in a Physical Product-based Business

Happy organizing!

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