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3 great systems to use when you’re creating new products in the manufacturing industry

3 Great Systems to Use when You’re Creating New Products in the Manufacturing Industry
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Do you carry the hat of product manager and project manager in your new product development projects? It’s a challenge to be responsible for creating and maintaining a product portfolio and managing the development and manufacturing of your new product ideas. I have 3 great system for you to use when you’re creating new products in the manufacturing industry and need to efficiently manage their development.

How to realize new profitable product ideas

This is easier said than done. You’ve got a lot of tasks on your plate in both roles. You want and need to work efficient to realize new profitable new product ideas. Having systems in place to support you in both roles is essential to keep up with all your responsibilities and be in control.

System number one: Use one tool to plan, manage and lead your projects

Even though you carry two different hats, you need to have one overview of all your tasks and responsibilities in one tool. You’ll lose oversight if you need to log into different systems to get clear on your daily tasks. It’ll cost you too much time to consolidate these tasks into one overview for the day. Therefore, chose one tool that you’ll work in, update, and use to manage your team.

There are various efficient online tools out there, for example Asana, Trello, Monday.

They’re all very intuitive, you can create lists or boards and assign tasks to a team member and set deadlines. You’ll get daily overviews of your tasks in your email so you’re always clear on what to do. In the paid version you’ve much more options.

Start your day by checking your daily actions in this tool and delegate actions to your team members. At the end of your working day. Check the tool again and properly close off with clear goals and actions for the next day. Make sure they align with your weekly project goals.

By following this process, you’re able to reach your weekly and monthly goals and stay on track with your project goals.

If you like to read more on starting your day productive, check out my blog article on Efficient Morning Routines by clicking here.

System number two: create a detailed Project Checklist for every new product development.

Another one of the 3 great systems to use when you’re creating new products in the manufacturing industry is the Project Checklist.

This Project Checklist will help you to avoid forgetting the important details of your new product creation. You’ll include all deliverables needed when you turn your new product idea into a profitable product your customers are thrilled about.

The checklist contains actions, documents, decisions, and checks. You start with this checklist when you’re validating your new product idea all the way through product specification, development, manufacturing and finally product launch. In one glance of an eye, you see what important deliverables are finished and what’s still open and needs action.

Make sure to go over this checklist on a weekly basis with your team and take pro-active and corrective actions where needed. You’ll be on top of your project and notice deviations from the planning, costs, or product issues much faster if you check your Project Checklist regularly with your team.

If you like to read more on organizing project team meetings, click here to read my blog on Why Having Regular Core Project Team Meetings is a Must.

One of most used tools to create a project checklist is a spread sheet, like Excel. You can easily add columns or rows, filter on data and tick off actions and deliverables and add a color to a certain status. This makes it visually easier to quickly understand the status of the project.

System number three: Create a detailed Project Planning for every new product development.

Nothing is more important than knowing the details in new product development. One of the 3 systems to have a in place is creating a detailed project planning and going over it with your team on a weekly basis.

You can base your project planning on your Project Checklist. Include all the deliverables that make sense in including in a planning. Make sure to plan on days and not on weeks.

Planning on days is much more reliable and gives more insight than planning on weeks. You’ll see deviations much faster and can take corrective actions on the fly.

Want to learn more on creating a reliable project planning, click here to read more.

By discussion your project planning together with your project checklist on a weekly basis with your team members, you’re able to micromanage your new product development.

The chances to introduce your new product on time and within budget are much higher than when you have ad hoc meetings, using a high-level planning and actions list.

It pays off going into the details.

By using one tool to plan your daily activities and delegate and manage your team members, you’ll have overview and control of your new product development projects and work efficiently throughout your day.

If you like to learn more project management skills, download the free Guide 3 Ways to Boost Your Project Management Skills here!

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