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I teach project & product managers in the manufacturing industry effective action steps, a proven framework and handy templates and tools to up-level their project management skills.

Whether you're just starting out or already have a project management job, my online course 'From Product Idea to a Thriving Business' is just what you need if you have a big passion for creating products and wish you could make this process more smooth and efficient.


Developing and manufacturing new products can be challenging.

There are lots of moving parts in transforming your idea into a working prototype and finally into mass production, while still fulfilling all your customer’s requirements.

Structuring and streamlining your new product development process from idea generation into product specification, development, manufacturing and product launch, will help increase efficiency and speed to market of your new products.

HEre's how I can help:


structure and streamline your product development process & daily project management

Online course From Product Idea to a Thriving Business.

Extend your knowledge on project management in the manufacturing industry 

Weekly blog articles & podcast episodes filled with project management tips.

Free tips, support and interaction in Private facebook group

Meet likeminded professionals to help each other, learn and share ideas.

Online course

It makes you great in managing successfully the specification, development, manufacturing and launch of your new products to the market. 

It teaches you how to get your new products developed and introduced to your customers without unnecessary hiccups. Create efficiency and speed in your new product development process and become a project management professional.



Clarity and control in new product development projects

Efficient and effective project management, every day

Increased reliability and speed in product development

Quick learning curve for new team members on the project management process

Freelance project management

Helping businesses to manage new product development projects, from idea to launch.

When you are looking for a freelance project manager to handle a project for which you lack the resources, or you need someone who has experience with complex international new product development processes, I’ll be happy to realise your challenges.

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"“Collaborating with Marie-Louise ensures that you are doing your utmost."

"This is because of her mindful way of listening and asking questions. This bypasses the pitfall of technology and puts focus on the needs of the customers first"

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


tripled his revenue

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