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How to manage multiple projects with ease?

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Sometimes it’s easy to loose overview when you have multiple projects to run. You feel less in control and you know you need more structure. I have a few tips for you how to manage multiple projects with ease.

Tip ONE: Create an identical folder structure for all your projects

When you organise your documents on your computer, make sure to set-up a logical folder structure. Start with main folder, naming it: your project name. Below you can create sub-folders. These sub-folders can be named according to the disciplines working on your project. For example: project management, product management, logistics, engineering, marketing, sales, service.

This makes it easy for you and your project team members to save, edit and archive documents in a logical way. They can be easily retrieved when needed.

Tip TWO: Use the same templates for every project

When creating a project planning or project budget overview, make sure you create one easy to use template. This template can be used over and over again for every project you run. It doesn’t need you to spend time to explain your files every time as your team members know how to read it and where to focus on.

For other stakeholders it will also be very convenient to review documents using the same templates as it will bring efficiency in the review and approval process.

Tip THREE: Create one Multiple Projects Overview

When working on multiple projects, creating one file with high-level information of all the projects is really handy. In once glance you can see which project is behind schedule or over budget. You can take corrective action and prevent your project to off track.

To help you manage multiple projects efficient and with ease, I’ve created a FREE Excel template for you.

You can download it by clicking the link below.

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