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5 Tips on Who to Involve in Your Product Requirement Process

who to involve in product requirements
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Are you familiar with the product requirement process?

Today, we’re going to talk about five tips on who you should involve in the product requirements process to successfully define and develop new products.

What is the product requirement process?

The product requirement process describes which disciplines need to give their input on details of the new product idea and when they need to do this. It also describes the level of detail that is needed.

The product requirement process is essential to involve the right people when you’re developing a new product. Without this process, you risk losing time and money and experience stress and overwhelm.

So, how can you define the product requirement process? Here are 5 Tips on Who to Involve in Your Product Requirement Process.

Tip #1: Make a list.

Make a list of experts that can give valuable information regarding your new product. Look for people who can give the input you need to validate your product idea.

Your list could look like this:

  • Customers – Ask your customers for feedback.
  • Sales Manager – Ask the sales people in your company about their experience regarding your product.
  • Customer Service – Ask your customer service representative for valuable feedback on what’s working well in your product, and what’s not working.
  • Quality Manager – Test your products for quality and ask what needs to be improved.
  • Manufacturer/Suppliers – Ask them for input on product requirements with respect to manufacturability and supply of raw materials.
  • Product Certification Representative – Ask a product certification representative in your team to look at product certification standards and norms depending on the area/country you choose to sell in. Without compliance to certification requirements, you are not allowed to sell your product.

Tip #2: Create a Template

Define a template in Word or Excel. And add a section to put down all the questions and answers you have from the people you’ve asked input from.

The template can be used every time you’re developing a new product. Creating a template that contains the feedback of all those disciplines is a tip you really should value to implement.

Tip #3: Meet with everyone on the list.

Meet with all those experts and interview them on the product requirements related to your new product idea. You can explain your new idea and ask them for feedback on requirements. What else can they add from their perspective?

Tip #4: Arrange a meeting with your team.

Arrange a meeting with your core project team and stakeholders involved in defining your product requirements.

The team can go over the:

  • Requirements
  • Answer any questions
  • Explain the requirements that are not clear
  • Update the product requirement document
  • Schedule an official decision.

Agree with everyone on your product requirements so that before going into development, you have the signature of everybody involved.

Tip #5: Define the product development process.

Define your product development process. You need input from your team on this. Ask for their input in the ideation phase, concept phase, and definition phase.

These are the 5 Tips on Who to Involve in Your Product Requirement Process. This will help you define amazing products in an efficient and structured way.

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How to lead your team?

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