7 tips to get back in business after your holidays

start-up after holidays
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For most of us the holidays are over and we’re going back to work. Sleeping a bit longer in the morning, slowly going through our day and staying up late with friends and family went by so quickly….. It would be very nice to be able to hold on to the relaxed feeling a bit longer. I share 7 tips to get back in business after your holidays and be efficient from day one.

Getting up to date and up to speed with your business

Finally, after a few relaxing weeks, it’s time to look at how your business and your projects are doing while you were out of the office. Everybody needs a brake from work, but your projects need to speed ahead as your customers are waiting for their products.

For every business owner the options to transfer responsibilities during the holiday period are different. Some of us can transfer their responsibilities to their business partner or another team member. Others need to divide their projects over multiple team members.

Anyhow, you want to get back on track fast and be efficient from day one.

7 tips to successfully start up after the holidays and be efficient from day one

  1. Schedule a de-brief meeting in the morning of the first day that you are back in the office with your business partner or team member who took over from you during your holiday. During this de-brief meeting you can get an update on your business and the progress of your projects, so you will be immediately up to speed, no time lost!
  1. Inform the all relevant people in your business and external parties that you’re back from your holiday and that you’ll be reachable again. Invite them for a short video/audio call in your first work week to get personally updated on any issues. This prevents you from chasing the facts for a few weeks and feeling like you’re running behind.
  1. f you have an assistant, go through all appointments in your calendar and discuss what needs to be done in the first week. Also include your personal appointments, so there’s no overlap and you can be there for your family as well. They also need to get used to the new rhythm and may need your help.
  1. If not done automatically, switch off or adjust your out-of-office message to your new schedule.
  1. Schedule one hour in the morning and one hour at the end of your first day to go over all your emails. Do not check your emails throughout the day as this will cause delay in all other activities you need to do and you’ll be less effective.
  1. Close the day by setting priorities for the next day and note down any personal errands that you need to run and plan these in your schedule as well. This prevents you to overlook your personal or family priorities.
  1. At the end of your first work week, take one hour to prepare your schedule for the next week. Also include your personal activities in your business schedule as these two need to fit in your busy life. It’ll take away any feelings of distress if you know everything is taking care of.

That’s it!

You can start your weekend feeling in control of your business and your schedule and enjoy your free time with family and friends and, you’re feeling ready for your next busy week!

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