From Product Idea to a Thriving Business!

Stop struggling. Start taking control.

  • Launching in 2021

The most hands-on and complete program for defining, developing, manufacturing and launching new products, following an efficient framework to manage new product development projects.
In this course you will learn in 7 weeks, how to develop your new product idea according an efficient and structured framework, without feeling frustrated about the quality and speed of your development process and time to market of your new products.

This course is the most practical hands-on, online project management course for entrepreneurs, product managers and project managers with a technology-oriented, tangible product business.

It makes you great in successfully define, develop, manufacture and launch your new products to the market.

It teaches you how to get your new products developed and introduced to your customers without unnecessary hiccups.

I’ll teach you how to manage your projects in a structured and efficient way. You’ll feel confident in developing your new products. No matter how many exciting products you’re working on, you will feel totally in control.

How does this work? It is actually very simple and straightforward. It is easy to implement and helps you transform your product idea into a thriving business.

Before I tell you all about this program, let’s talk about who this is really for.

You’ve a big passion for tangible products and no shortage of energy to make products that delight your customers. You’re tired of going back and forth in adjusting product specifications, trial and error in transferring from prototype into mass production and not delivering the end-product your customers are thrilled about. You are desperately wishing you could make this process more efficient and shorten time to market.

Whether you’re…..

  • an entrepreneur with a technology-oriented, tangible, product-based business and want to take your business to the next level by improving efficiency and speed in your product development process and create a profitable product line within budget and with shorter time to market.
  • a product manager and want to up-level your skills and extend your knowledge on product concept creation, product development processes and product introduction.
  • a project manager and want to up-level your skills in managing complex product development projects. You want to get a complete picture of all the detailed activities in the product development process from idea generation, definition, manufacturing and product launch and learn how to manage these projects in the most effective and efficient way.

By the end of this program, you’ll have:

  • A full understanding of the product development process from idea generation to product introduction.
  • All the tools you need to create structure in new product development in your own business.
  • Defined the right product concepts and specifications that fulfil your financial, technical and commercial product goals and meets your customer’s needs.
  • Learned how to manage your new product through its development and mass production while meeting all customer requirements.
  • Created a reliable planning and realistic project budget.
  • Integrated the product introduction activities with your new product development timeline, so when development is finished also your marketing materials are ready and you can start selling.

This online course consists of 5 modules


  • Module 1 Fuzzy Idea Collection

    In this module you’ll learn how to capture your new product ideas and how to come from a long list to a short list. By using a Product Selection tool you’re going to analyze which new ideas are interesting enough for further research and which ones are not worth pursuing.

  • Module 2 Product Concept creation

    When you’ve created a new product short list in the Fuzzy Idea Collection phase, you are going to select the most interesting and most profitable product ideas. You’re going to learn how to research these ideas in more detail and create product concepts on a detailed level. Based on these concepts you will be able to make well thought out decisions on which products to pursue.

  • Module 3 Product Refinement

    During this module you’ll learn how to work out your new product idea in more detail. Based on this product refinement you will be able to judge if your new idea is commercially, technically and financially feasible.

  • Module 4 Product Development

    In this module you’ll learn what detailed activities are needed to successfully develop and manufacture your product. You’ll get insight on what’s needed from project management, product management, logistic, engineering, procurement, quality, sales and marketing perspective.

  • Module 5 Product Launch

    When you have successfully defined, developed and manufactured your product, it is time for its spectacular market introduction. You’ll learn which activities are needed to prepare for your new product introduction. These activities already start in the beginning of your new product development and come back in every module.

Enrollment for this course is open from September 13, 2021. After you register for this course, you’ll get some prep work to do for the course officially starts at September 27, 2021.  Every week a new module will become available to you, for 7 weeks in a row. You can learn at your own pace and spread out the content as you like.

Is this you?

You’re a business owner, product manager or project manager and need help in structuring the development, manufacturing and introduction of your new product.

You’re working on your new product idea and need help in nailing down the product specifications and defining the products financial, commercial and technical feasibility.

You’ve got new products coming up … but you’ve no idea how to manage them in a structured and efficient way.

You’re just starting out as product or project manager and need guidance and tools to get a head start.

You’re overwhelmed by how to realize your great new product idea.

You want to create structure and efficiency in your business and become more efficient and work with more fun.

You need help in making the transfer from proto typing into mass production smooth and efficient in your business.

You’re not sure when to involve the different disciplines in your project team during the product development.

You’re looking for ways to better integrate your product introduction activities with your product development activities.

What you will learn in this course:

You can use your own new product idea you’re working on right now during the course and apply what you learn immediately in your daily business.

You will learn how you can:

Define the right product specifications to meet your customer requirements.

Bring structure in developing new products in your own business.

Manage your team more efficient when developing new products.

Create a reliable planning.

Create a realistic project budget.

Push your projects further in their development while fulfilling all customer requirements.

Get access to great tools and formats which you can use to manage your projects.

Integrate the product introduction activities with your new product development timeline, so when development is finished also your marketing materials are ready and you can start selling.

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