“Developing exciting products, while using an efficient framework, will take your business to the next level.”

Hey there!

My name is Marie-Louise Anthonissen and I teach business owners and entrepreneurs effective action steps for professionalizing their new product development process to take their business to the next level.

Where did I gain this knowledge? When I started more than 20 years ago as international product manager for a big consumer manufacturing company, I was overwhelmed with all the activities I was responsible for. I had to interact with many disciplines and deliver output at so many moments in the product development process, it was impossible to keep overview and track without some help.

Luckily, that company just introduced a product creation process to professionalize their business and increase efficiency and speed in bringing new products to the market. This process provided all team members with overview, clarity and structure and enabled them to contribute and add value in every phase of new product development.

Since then, I worked for various big brands and have become very experienced in managing the development of new products while ensuring efficiency, speed and professionalism.

Because I want to help you take the next step in professionalizing your business, I have created an online program focussed at creating a structured and efficient product development process in your business. Eliminating hurldles when transforming your new ideas into prototypes and finally into mass production products.

Bureau Flo

I’ve more than 20 years of experience in the corporate world, managing multi-disciplinary project teams in international product development projects: from idea generation to mass production and product introduction. I ‘ve in-depth knowledge on new product development processes, new product definition and introduction and worked as international product manager and project manager for various multinationals such as Bosch Security Systems, Philips Lighting, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Brabantia, Cordstrap, Thomas Regout International, GEA International GmBH.

After my corporate career, I established Bureau Flo in 2011 to provide freelance project management support to the manufacturing industry. As I want to help more business owners and entrepreneurs become more efficient in new product development and take their business to the next level, I created an online course, From Product Idea to a Thriving Business.

My clients praise me for my flexibility, communication strengths and my structured way of working.

Power of flexibility

Because of my in-depth experience with new product development projects, I can easily find my way in your business and be effective from day one. I’m known for actively contributing to projects from project management, product management, marketing, design and content creation perspective. I know the devil is in the details.

Power of communication

My open, positive character and communication skills help connecting people from various disciplines to work together as a team to realize new products. I respect and accept people and their differences. I’m honest and objective, and I take time to make a connection. I’m known for my integrity.

In every project, my goal is to communicate openly and offer transparency on project progress. I’m comfortable in communicating through all levels in the organization.

Power of structure

By keeping the focus and engage daily with project team members, third party suppliers and other stakeholders a smooth development process can be realized.

I work with a structured method to safeguard that all new product development deliverables and procedures are according the standards and project goals are realized.

My experience in working with third party suppliers and colleagues from all over the world, benefits the projects where different cultures are represented.

Please check my LinkedIn page for more details.

 Mastering many talents and markets

“Making deliverables for a company like Bosch Security and Safety Systems always involves alignment between a number of departments, priorities and management levels. People who work for us are expected to master many talents and need to have an extensive knowledge of our markets. It is refreshing to work with somebody that exceeds all these expectations.

Marie-Louise Anthonissen, the driving force behind our cooperation with Bureau Flo, speaks and writes in various languages: project management, marketing, sales, design, programming, design, content and never forgets to put the needs of our customers first. I would like to express my sincere thanks to her for the first-rate jobs she did.“

Marie-Louise is a great team player, with a proven track record in marketing. She is passionate about making the consumer’s and customer’s voice heard throughout the organization she works in and translates these consumer/customer insights into winning product propositions.

A little about me

  • Super organised in my professional and personal life, systems are my thing! Makes my family nuts sometimes! In my work, they work great though.
  • Can’t get enough of Netflix series from Real Housewives to The Blacklist, Narcos and Homeland.
  • My hunting dog Tess needs lots of exercise and takes me for long walks in the morning, waking up slowly with the singing of the birds or a podcast in my earbuds.
  • The summer, lots of sunshine and the smell of sun cream makes me happy! Living in The Netherlands, the few sunny summer weeks are something to treasure and enjoy to the utmost.
  • Interior design is my passion. I upgrade, downgrade and move around furniture and accessories regularly, always a surprise for my family when they come home.