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Project Management in New Product Development

I'll walk you step-by-step from the start of your your project in the product concept phase to its development, manufacturing and launch. You'll know exactly who needs to do what and when in the project, which deliverables to create, and when to be ready for the next milestone.


Take it from me...

It's time you finally feel in control and manage your projects with ease

For project managers and entrepreneurs who want up-level their project management skills. Learn strategies how to manage project teams and work on your project management mindset.

You'll learn strategies that help you conquer hiccups so you can keep all your ducks in a row.

This course will empower you to manage remarkable projects while minimizing the struggles and headaches along the way.

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Yet why Does managing new projects feel so overwhelming?

you may be frustrated because...

The process from product idea through development and manufacturing is complex and you had to do a lot of fire fighting.

are you OVERWHELMED because...

You don't have a clear and structured list of all actions that are needed to get from product idea through specification, development, manufacturing and launch and you worry important deliverables are overlooked.

are you worried that....

You lack the skills to manage this new product development project.
And you are not confident enough to manage a project team.

Ready to Thrive?

Learn in just 6 weeks my best practises and proven project management framework to get from product idea to Product Launch.

are you missing....

The done-for-you project templates that help you create overview and structure in your project and bring clarity to your team.

- luc

“It guides you through the entire project management process with a number of handy tools and templates"

Can you imagine......

having a project management
framework in your hands...

It will bring speed in your new product development projects. It'll support you to be efficient and effective in going through all the steps and phases from product idea to launch.

learning Project management systems...

You manage your team step-by-step from the start of the product idea to its successful launch. You'll know exactly what to do, which deliverables to create, and when to be ready for the next milestone.

having tools, templates and strategies ready....

To support you when you 're managing your project team and make your life easier so you can create space and get more out of your day.

By doing this you'll be creating space and efficiency for everyone working on your projects

The Best Hands-on Project Management Course for new product development projects ever

For project managers and entrepreneurs who want to learn step-by-step what to do, which deliverables to create, and when to be ready for the next milestone. From product idea through development, manufacturing and launch.


Project Management
Starter Lab

Everything I've learned from managing new product development projects, I've turned into a 5-step Process to manage your project from Idea phase, through Development, Manufacturing and Launch.

In the past 20 years, I managed dozens of international, multidisciplinary projects.  Products that are sold worldwide in business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets. I've worked for known international A-brand companies and have helped to implement project management systems.

I'm sharing this step-by-step process that I know works.

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course breakdown

Project Management Foundation

In this module you'll learn the basic principles in project management and what factors you can use to steer your projects.

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Module one

course breakdown

Getting Your Systems In Place

In this module you'll learn how to set-up your documentation system, how to set-up your project team and which software to choose to support you in your project management role.

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Module two

Creating a Project Business Plan

In this module you'll learn why you need to create a Project Business Plan to give your project a solid start. Learn what topics to cover in this plan. And how you can get aligned with your team on the content and get all stakeholders on board of the new project.

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Module three

The Project Management Framework

In this module you'll learn what the Project Management Framework is about. Learn which deliverables need to be taken care of in which phase and by which discipline. And how you can tweak it to match your project and use it while you lead your project team.

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Module four

Planning & Budgetting

In this module you'll create a reliable project planning and realistic project budget. These two deliverables are amongst the most important actions in your project.

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Module five

Module six

Performing a Risk Scan 

In this lesson I'll be teaching you why you need to perform a risk scan and I'll provide you with a template.

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Evaluating your Project

In this module you'll learn how to do a Project Evaluation with your team. I'll provide you with a template you can use in your own business.

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Module Seven

Module eight

Getting the Project Manager's Mindset

In this module we're going to identify your own road blocks, that keep you from reaching your goals. And which strategies you can implement to become the best version of yourself and in your work using my Project Management Identity Planning method.

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The results



Replace your messy projects with structure and shorten time to market more than ever before.


get back control so you feel confident in managing your projects and your team


No more worries about product development timelines, overlooking important deliverables and cost overruns.


build a productive and reliable team that helps you create speed in your projects.


Create space in your day with smart  systems and grab new opportunities


Ready to bring down development costs and increase speed to market?

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Learn the proven project management framework to develop new products, eliminating unnecessary hiccups, project delay and stress.

Professionalize project management processes and implement handy templates, so you can onboard new team members with ease and make progress fast in your projects.

Learn in just 6 weeks how you can apply my project management blue print to efficiently develop new products and grow your business.

I'll explain how it works

It's Self-paced study

  • What deliverables/actions need to be planned during development of a new product

  • What software should I use for my project planning?

  • What experts do I need to have on the team?

  • How to manage my team and overcome issues.

  • What cost elements should I include in my development budget?

  • How can I control and manage all we need to do?


  • 6 Weekly Live group Q&A sessions to support you.

  • Get you unstuck in minutes.


  • Use my tools and templates from the online course.

  • Implement what you learn from the get-go in your daily project activities.

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- Sandra

“By following this course I keep an overview of the different phases of a project!"

A year from now you will have wished you started today......

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This is because of her mindful way of listening and asking questions. This bypasses the pitfall of technology and puts focus on the customers needs.

"Collaborating with Marie-Louise ensures that you are doing your utmost."


This could be you....

Project management, marketing, sales, design, programming, design, content and never forgets to put the needs of our customers first. I would like to express my sincere thanks to her for the first-rate jobs she did.

"Marie-Louise, speaks and writes in various languages."


She is passionate about making the consumer’s and customer’s voice heard throughout the organisation she works in and translates these consumer/customer insights into winning product propositions.

"Marie-Louise is a great team player, with a proven track record in marketing."



select the plan that works for you:

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2 payments of $597

eight course modules

6 weekly group Q&A sessions

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eight course modules

6 weekly group Q&A sessions


Best Value

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The Multiple Projects Tracker!
A done for you spreadsheet where you can enter the project details of all the projects you're working on.
It generates ONE overview for you with the status, costs spending, issues, milestones planning and much more of all your projects. A great tool for management reporting.

let's do this!


I'm an expert at managing new product development projects (how to get from idea to launch), a dedicated product manager (mamma to new products) and this combination makes that I'm able to teach entrepreneurs and project managers how to implement efficient processes around project management and new product development. 

So they can make space in their day to work efficient on their projects and do more of what they really love in their work and personal life.

I speak many languages :-) Marketing, design, product, tech, processes, management. 

AndI know how to help!

Twenty years ago, I was overwhelmed with all the activities I needed to do.

Created a hands-on project management course specifically for new product-development projects. Built on my proven frameworks, that I know work — filled with templates that you can use immediately in your projects.

My project management framework will bring speed in your projects. It'll support you to be efficient and effective in going through all the steps and phases from product idea to launch.

When you need your team to have the same way of working this framework brings efficiency, structure, more control and easy onboarding of new team members. 

By the end of this course, you will....

Have a clear actionable plan in place for starting a new product development project. 

Have control and overview on all deliverables in every phase of the project.

Be able to create a reliable project planning including all milestones.

Mastered essential project management skills to lead a team with confidence 

Be having a detailed and complete insight in all cost aspects of creating your own products.

Be having the right project management mindset to thrive in your role.

If you're ready......

select the plan that works for you:

Payment Plan

2 payments of $597

eight course modules

6 weekly group Q&A sessions

One Payment

1 payment of $997

eight course modules

6 weekly group Q&A sessions


Best Value

Frequently Asked Questions

How is ‘The Project Management Starter Lab’ different from other courses in the niche?

Exceptional level of detail in the content.
The Project Management Starter Lab is extremely well structured. The entire course is broken down in tiny bits following the logical steps in project management specially designed for product-based business. Which makes it easy for you to achieve small wins and create structure and efficiency quickly.

HOw theoretical is the program?

Do we get ready-to-go-templates?

Strong focus on practical project management, effectiveness and efficiency. One of the biggest highlights of The Project Management Starter Lab is the training content around following an effective approach and working according a proven framework with great templates to work smooth and efficient. With the goal to lead projects like a Pro and provide structure and clarity to the project team.

The program is extremely hands-on. You can take a new project you’re working on and immediately apply what you learn. You’ll have small wins from the start. Every module of the course is packed with practical templates and worksheets. You can implement your learning on the go.

While this course is one of the most well structured and hands-on courses for project management in new product development, it won’t be right for everyone. The Project Management Starter Lab is right for you if:
  • You’re a newbie in project management and need to extend your knowledge on how to set-up a project structure, manage your project team and, define project plannings, budgets, the course will work really well for you. It will bring real value to you and your team when you’re able to successfully manage your new product development projects and ensure the expected result.
  • You're an entrepreneur and you're developing your own product and need a smooth process to have a short time to market and more control over resources and spending.
  • You are experienced in project management but now starting as project manager in new product development projects. This is totally different than project management in a service based projects.

Who is The Project Management Starter Lab for?

Is “The Project Management Starter Lab” suitable for all niches?

The program is focused on product development projects and is not suitable for service-based businesses. Within product development projects the course is suitable for all niches, you can use the course to set-up and manage your projects irrespective of your niche.

What kind of support do you get with the course

In the 6-week program there will be a Q&A session every week, where you can ask questions about the training content. Once the 6-week training program is over, there will be a possibility to join a membership program for project managers, heads of PMO departments, BU managers who want to go deeper in implementing project management systems in new product development in their organisations, where Marie-Louise Anthonissen will go live once a week to answer questions.

Do you have access to course content for a limited time?

Yes, you will have access to the course content for a limited time of 180 days. In this time frame you have plenty of time to watch the training videos and download the PDF's and templates.

When I join The Project Management Starter Lab, will I be getting immediate access to all the lessons and modules?

You'll get immediate access to the Introduction videos and Getting Started videos so you can prepare and set-up your Systems. The weeks after you get access to two Modules per week. They are dripped per week.