Free Mini course

How to give your New Product Idea a Good Start!

In this free mini course you’ll learn the first steps to start developing your new product. I want to give you the basis to define the project scope, calculate your products profitability, get clear on how you can delight your customers and how to create a reliable project planning.

But before I tell you all about this free course, let’s talk about who this is for. Are you a business owner in the manufacturer industry? Do you have a great new product idea and need some help to turn your product idea into a profitable product? Then this free course is just what you need!

I’ll teach you how to kick start your new product idea in a structured and efficient way. You’ll feel confident in taking all the steps needed in developing your new product. No need to worry that you’ve overlooked something, all requirements are covered.

How does this work? It is actually very simple and straightforward. It is easy to implement and helps you transform your product idea into a thriving business.

This online mini course consists of 4 modules


  • Module 1 Product scope

    In this module you’ll learn how to draw up the main deliverables of your new project. You define your project goals to ensure that your team members have a common understanding of what the project is about. You’ll also learn how to create a high level business case.

  • Module 2 Product profitability check

    In this module you’ll learn how to define the budget you need to develop your new product idea into a profitable product. I’ll provide you with a Product Budget tool. In this spreadsheet you can enter all the costs from product idea until market introduction. In this way, you’ll get a clear overview of how much money you’ll need to invest.

    When you’ve defined the budget, you’ll use this information to validate if your great idea is profitable. With the product profitability check you’ll learn to do a first financial feasibility check on your new idea.

  • Module 3 How do you delight your customers

    In this module you’ll learn how to define in more detail your product specs, your ideal customer and your target market. You’ll set out the product strategy and provide insight in what is needed for this project to succeed.

  • Module 4 Manage your project smooth and efficient

    In this module you’ll learn how to set-up your first planning by using the product planning tool. This tool will give you insight in how much time the different activities will take. You’ll be able to create a reliable project planning.

Enrollment for this course is open throughout the year. After you register for this course, you’ll get immediate access to all modules. You can learn at your own pace and spread out the content as you like.

If you’ve enjoyed this free mini course, you’re most welcome to sign up for my signature course when it becomes available online in September 2021.

Is this you?

You’re a business owner in the manufacturing industry and need help in getting started in transforming your new product idea into reality.

You’re working on a new product idea in the manufacturing industry, but you’re not sure how to manage all the deliverables needed to get started.

You’ve got new products coming up … but need some structure and guidance to communicate these new product ideas to your team.

You’re just starting out as business owner and need guidance and tools to get confidence.

You’re stuck in creating a reliable project planning.

You want to structure your work and become more efficient and work with more fun.

You need help in calculating the profitability of your new product.

You’re not sure how to build a business case and strategy plan.

What you will learn in this mini course:

You can use your own new product idea you’re working on right now during the course and apply what you learn immediately in your daily business.

You will learn how you can:

Transform your new product idea into a profitable product.

Bring structure in starting the development of your new products.

Manage your team more efficient when developing new products.

Create a first, but well thought out planning.

Create a realistic project budget.

Push your new project idea from idea phase into development.

Get access to great tools and formats which you can use to create a profitable new product.

Create a new, structured way of working that brings you piece of mind and confidence in creating your new products.

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