morning routine guide

When you start up for the day it’s so tempting to quickly check your email. And before you know it, you’re drawn by all the urgent topics waiting in your inbox. Improve your morning routine and you’ll feel so much better!

Can you relate to the following? The moment you switch on your laptop, your focus is away from the priorities you’ve set yourself and you’re busy answering emails that are not that urgent and can wait for a few hours. People see that your status changed to green in Skype or Teams and they start calling you for your help. And the day flies by…..and in the end you realise that you didn’t finish what you planned to do and this can make you feel stressed and uncomfortable.

Do you recognize this?

To break with this bad habit, you need to give your morning routine a make-over.

In order to stay productive during the day and work efficiently on your projects, a structured morning routine is a great way to help you get started.

I’ve created a 5 step morning routine guide that helps you work more efficient and with more fun.

You’ll definitely feel fulfilled at the end of the day, as you’re dealing with priorities first and manage to get a lot of tasks done.

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